Laboratory glass and quartz glass

We have a lot of glass standart products. Starts with a 0.3ml Vial and goes up to 20L Filter bottles and a lot more.

We look forward to help you finding the product of your request.

Individual glass solutions

Because of a very good contact to a big glassblowery it's possible to offer individual and custom glass as well. We are able to repair broken glass or just add a valve somewhere.


We have a huge assortment of more than 8'000 products of laboratorry glass in your Webshop
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Odoo • Text and Image

Odoo • Image and Text

glass apparatus manufacture

Our manufacturing facilities are flexible for development of new and innovative products.

With our broad experience in the manufacture of technical glass apparatus we can assist you in the realization of your ideas. We can access to a lot of knowledge and a large repertoire gained by many years' experience working on demanding projects. Willi Möller AG has been working together with well-known industrial companies, many universities and federal institutions (ETH Zürich, EPF Lausanne, PSI, EMPA, EAWAG) for decades and has realized some of the most sophisticated projects in technical glass manufacture. By handling different glasses such as Quartz glass, we are responsive to the wishes of our customers. We will manage the project together with our costumer from the sketch to the finished product.

Quarz glass

Quartz glass is seen as the purest of the glasses. Due to its characteristic properties the material, SiO2, is found everywhere demanding performance is requested.

We have a vast array of different quartz glasses which we can process on customer request.


Odoo • Text and Image

Odoo • Image and Text

Reparation / Consultancy

We offer on-the-spot support and consultancy on reparations of glassware.