More than 2 million laboratory products in the range!

We have access to over 2 million products from hundreds of suppliers around the laboratory trade. If you don't find a product online, it doesn't mean we don't offer it. Contact our field consultants or call us directly.

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As a future-oriented and globally active company, Heidolph is one of the leading manufacturers of laboratory equipment.  
The company is located in Schwabach near Nuremberg. This is where the development and production of their systems takes place.

You can't be an expert in everything - as in science, this also applies to the world of laboratory equipment. Because Heidolph knows this, but wants to offer you the optimal solution for your needs, they have found innovative partners whose core competencies complement Heidolph's own perfectly. This combination of experts from a wide range of fields enables Heidolph to offer you a complete mapping of your processes and cutting-edge technologies at first hand. They form a strong team that helps you realize even the most complex research and development projects.


- Table Rotary Evaporator
- Industrial rotary evaporator 20L
- Magnetic Stirrer
- Laboratory stirrers
- Shakers and mixers
- Peristaltic pumps
- Maintenance and repairs
- Maintenance contracts


Binder is a German manufacturer of heating and cooling equipment. Whether you want to do tempering, incubation, freezing, heat/cold or material testing, Binder has a suitable unit for you. The many options such as reinforced interiors, lighting or straw passages as well as internal lighting, make these cabinets unique.
In addition, we can equip the cabinets with UV-C light for easy and fast internal disinfection.


- Interchangeable climate chambers
- incubators
- Cooling incubators
- Co2 Incubators
- Growth cabinets
- Freezers -90°C
- Drying and heating cabinets
- Vacuum drying ovens
- Safety vacuum drying ovens
- Battery test cabinets

Lab Interior

Color up your lab...

Today, Lab Interior has a great deal of expertise and technical know-how. Their product are constantly evolving and adapting to the ongoing changes in the laboratory market. We are very pleased that you can satisfy even the most demanding customers with your laboratory furniture. So far, you have equipped over 1,500 laboratories, covering a wide range of purposes, directions, and sizes. Our references include laboratories for control in industry, large research laboratories in institutes, chemical laboratories intended for imaging purposes and micro-biological laboratories in the field of health care and food & beverage. You will find your laboratories in countries such as Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Austria, Singapore, Norway, England, Slovenia, Hungary and many, many more.

PMI Labortechnik GmbH serves Switzerland exclusively with Lab Interior laboratory equipment.



- Laboratory equipment
- Customized laboratory equipment
- Construction in wood or metal
- Various worktop materials
- Color your Lab, choose your color


Glassware, Laboratory Equipment, Liquid Handling, Laboratory Consumables

Witeg is a leading manufacturer and supplier of glassware, laboratory instruments, liquid handling and laboratory consumables. Founded in 1960 to develop glass instruments, today we supply our customers in the chemical, pharmaceutical and medical industries in over 100 countries around the world. The current delivery program includes 30,000 products, which they can supply from stock. Since 1994, witeg Labortechnik's quality management system has been officially certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. This means that we meet the highest internationally recognized quality requirements.


- Freezer
- Blood freezers
- Freeze Dryers
- Stirring & Grinding
- various laboratory equipment
- various consumables
- laboratory plastic
- over 8'000 articles laboratory glassware
- Laboratory glassware for chemical apparatus

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The experts for hazardous materials storage and handling

World leading manufacturer of safety cabinets according to European standard EN 14470-1 / -2

We ensure proper storage and safe handling of hazardous substances in everyday work. For your all-round protection, our product world offers the following areas: Indoor storage of hazardous substances, extraction and filtration of hazardous substances, outdoor handling of hazardous substances, non-smoker protection and services. asecos is certified according to EN ISO 9001 and 14001. Safety cabinets are our core competence: We offer the right hazardous substance cabinet for safe and legally compliant storage for numerous sectors such as laboratories, research, industry and agriculture - GS-tested and in accordance with the requirements of DIN EN 14470-1 /-2 and DIN EN 16121/16122.


- Safety cabinets
- Hazardous material workstations
- Hazardous material handling
- Hazardous material storage

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Kirsch Medical

Medikamentenkühlung, Blutkühlung, Laborkühlung, Temperaturdokum.  

Kirsch Medical hat den Medizinkühlschrank erfunden. Mit seiner Temperaturstabilität erzeugt Kirsch Medical hochwertige Produkte für Ihr Labor oder Ihre Apotheke. Jedes Gerät wird im Werk einer strengen Kontrolle unterzogen und über mehrere Stunden getestet, für Ihre Lagersicherheit, mit Prüfprotokoll.

Durch die Gehäusefertigung im eigenen Hause schaffen wir es, die Komponenten unserer Kühl- und Gefrierschränke perfekt aufeinander abzustimmen. Aus diesem Grund nehmen wir weltweit hinsichtlich der Temperaturkonstanz eine führende Position ein. Unsere Fertigungsmethoden entsprechen höchsten Standards. Dies und die Wirksamkeit der Innovationen lassen wir von unabhängigen Instituten zertifizieren.


- Medikanemtenkühlschränke
- Medikamententiefkühlschränke
- Blutkühlschränke
- Bluttiefkühlschränke
- Laborkühlschränke
- Laborgefrierschränke
- Temperaturdokumentation