Hemp oil production

The manufacturing process for cannabis oil is, contrary to many expectations, not entirely simple. There are many ways to extract the active ingredients from the flower, but that's not the end of it. The extract (crude oil) still needs to be processed. Fats, waxes and excess solvent must be removed to get the desired color. Finally, the THC must be removed or CBD separated (isolate).

Required laboratory material

We at PMI Labortechnik GmbH can actively assist you with the planning. We are happy to share our know-how for the right choice of equipment with you.

Wie kriege ich lästige Abluftgerüche los?

Abluftgerüche sind lästig, unangenehm und nicht ganz einfach zu Entfernen. Oder doch? Die gängigste Methode ist das Verweden von Aktivkohlefilter. Diese haben jedoch nur eine bestimmte Lebensdauer bis die Aktivierte Kohle gesättigt ist. In der Hanfindustrie wird dieser durchschnittlich alle 3-6 Monate gewechselt, oder sollte gewechselt werden. Diese Angaben varrieren von Hersteller zu Hersteller und im Zusammenhang mit dem Preis. Dadurch entstehen wiederkehrende Kosten welche proportional zu den Anbauflächen wachsen.

 Der Aktivkohlefilter wird nicht mehr benötigt!

 Hier geht's zur Lösung --> 

Up to 60% more crop yield!

Destroy pests without residue and cost-efficiently thanks to UV-C!

Engineered Systems is a journal that takes a closer look at new technologies for new applications.

In this article you will find out how they can increase their harvest by up to 60%.

UV-C systems can not only efficiently destroy the incoming air of mold spores as well as mites and other pests without leaving any residue.

Without the use of chemicals!

Laboratory furniture with a difference

We are the only laboratory furniture supplier in Switzerland with the possibility to bring color into your laboratory. This unique concept allows you to choose between 13 colors, where it is actually clear which color belongs in a CBD lab.

Here you can find more information about our unique lab furniture.

Solvent recovery 24/7

Heidolph quality products, in addition to the highest precision and quality, also offer a 3-year warranty. The Hei-Vap Industrial with Distimatic allows to achieve a 24h non-stop operation, distilling over 600 liters of ethanol.

- Feeding the evaporator piston
- Residue suction in evaporating flask
- Distillate suction

You only need to change the collection containers

Onlineshop / Large evaporator

We have everything you need for your hemp lab

It is important to us to be able to offer you everything you need in your CBD lab.

- Vacuum pumps (also ATEX)
- Evaporator
- Laboratory glass (filtration, flasks, short-path, condensers, glass repairs)
- Freezers / cabinets to -96°C
- Flash chromatography (laboratory to production systems)
- Small devices such as magnetic stirrers, heating plates / heating jackets
- Consumables such as filters, gloves ...
- Solvent

- and much more


Safe vacuum drying

Do you still have residual solvents or gases in your product?With the Binder safety vacuum drying oven and the ATEX pump from Vakuubrand you can dry even samples containing strong solvents without any problems.

onlineshop / Vacuum drying

Flowers drying / freezing

We have the possibility to build you a cooling or drying chamber according to your measure. Temperatures of up to -80°C are possible. 

Since drying is a very important process, we offer the possibility to integrate the fermentation process for chlorophyll degradation already in the drying process. For this purpose, we dry a little slower at low temperatures under controlled humidity.This way, the chlorophylls (leaf greens) are degraded during drying and the flavor can fully develop.

Cooling chambers

Which solvent do you rely on?

We have various suppliers with different qualities of solvent.

From technical grade extraction to high purity analytical grade for HPLC or GC chromatographs. Ask us for a non-binding offer.

onlineshop / Solvent

Repairs / Customized products

You have a broken filter chute?
A reactor where the drain cock is broken off?

Thanks to our contacts with 2 renowned glassblowing companies, we can take away your worries. Repairs and special designs are possible in different glass qualities.


Green Drops

Green Drops is the PMI Labortechnik brand. My wife distributes the CBD oils in Switzerland and Germany.

The oil is produced by a customer of PMI Labortechnik GmbH

Green Drops Homepage