Disposable plastic

We are pleased to help you with single use consumables. From pipette tips to 96 well plates with membranes.

Please contact us to find the product of your needs.

Reusable plastic and glass

We have a big sortiment of re-usable plastics. Standard Flasks color coded or round bottom flasks, Erlenmeyers or beakers. Tubings as well as fittings.

Pipette tips

With a big sortiment of tips we are able to equip almost every Pipette with tips. With or without filter,
loose in a bag or better in a rack.
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Cenrtifuge tubes

A big assortment of centrifuge tubes from different producers are available.

Don't hesitate to contact us.


Narrow or wide neck, 250ml or better bigger than 1 Liter? Solvent resistant?

No problem, because of huge possibilities we will be able to find your requested product.

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Graduated Zylinder

It doesn't need to be glass every time, graduated, re-usable zylinders or beakers can make live so easy.

Of curse we have them of glass as well.

Fittings and connectors

We offer a lot of different connectors, gate valves or  distributors. 

If you doesn't find your requested product in the webshop please
do not hesitate and contact us.

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