Natural and without chemicals - air disinfection with UV-C rays

Disinfection is often essential for survival, especially in medicine. But recently the topic has also gained importance in many other areas. Therefore, we have expanded our range of equipment for UV-C disinfection for you.

Especially indoors, viruses and bacteria spread with the air we breathe (aerosols) and can lead to infection. Efficient air purification can largely eliminate this danger and reduce germs. The air purifiers work without any chemicals, only with natural UV radiation.

With UV-C rays, both objects and the air can be safely sterilized without leaving any residues. Not only viruses, but also bacteria and mold spores are safely rendered harmless. The UV radiation destroys the genetic information of the pathogens so that they can no longer cause any damage. Combined UVC circulating air sterilizers with filters can additionally reduce dust, which also benefits people with allergies.

Play it safe with us! Here you will find our solutions for a wide range of applications:

Punktuelle Luftreinigung

Passende UV-C Umluftentkeimer für grosse und kleine Räume

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Lüftung und Klima

Verbessern Sie die Luftqualität Ihrer Klimaanlage oder Lüftung

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Ob für medizinische Instrumente oder im OP
UV-C sorgt für Keimfreiheit

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Keine Chance für Keime an Objekten - in der Praxis, im Labor oder Zuhause

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Natürliche UV-C Strahlung statt Chemie für keimfreies Wasser

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Clevere UV-C Bestrahlung statt Chemikalien

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Sagen Sie Gerüchen und Fett tschüss mit UV-C in der Küche

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Bekämpfen Sie mit UV-C Desinfektion Schimmelsporen oder Bakterien im Kühlraum

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