Germicidal boxes

for table use, made of aluminum

Die UV-BOX desinfiziert allerlei Gegenstände wie OP-Besteck, Arztutensilien, Uhren, Schmuck, Elektrogeräte und viele weitere Objekte.  UV-C-Strahlen wurden in Labors erfolgreich als Methode zur Dekontaminierung von KN95-Masken getestet, die dem MS2-Bakteriophagen und dem Grippevirus (Influenza) ausgesetzt waren.

Einweg-Masken können bis zu 18x in der Box desinfiziert werden. 

To be used for

Objects that are frequently used in healthcare must be regularly disinfected in order to meet the high quality hygiene standards. With the UV-BOX it is possible to disinfect equipment and instruments in a simple, immediate and safe way, without the use of liquids and without any chemicals.

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UV-Box, the small one for the table

Germicidal box, for the table, stainless steel, with basket with two 40W UV lamps.

  • 40+40W

  • IP 20

  • 130 x 500 x 280 mm (aussen)

  • 80 x 460 x 180 mm (Korb)

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UV-C Dosimeter

The control instrument for radiation exposure and can be used as evidence for disinfection or sterilization.

Simply add a card to the material in the box during the disinfection process.

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UV-Box, The big one for the table

Germicidal box, with built-in shelves made of stainless steel for instruments with three 40W UV lamps.

  • 3 x 40W

  • IP 20

  • 750 x 550 x 350mm

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UV-Wall cabinet

UV-C stainless steel wall cabinet

  • 2 Türen

  • 2 Regale

  • 2 x 75W HO (2 Lampen)

  • IP 20

  • 110 x 40 x 88cm

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The UV-C cabinet with 5 shelves

UV-C stainless steel cabinet

  • 1 Tür

  • 5 Regale

  • 5 x 40W HO (5 Lampen)

  • IP 20

  • 60 x 45 x 210cm

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