The best device for your needs

It is important for us that you buy an instrument that meets your needs.That in relation to quality, activity and price.

Free and flexible

If you don't find your requested instrument online, please do not hesitate to contact us. We also other products as visible in our webshop and we will find your requested equipment or something similar.

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Service and repairs

Service is very important for us. If you have a breakdown of an equipment, we will try anything to get it back running.

We also offer calibration service for pipettes, temp. sensors and loggers. You find more about that at calibration service.

peristaltic pumps

Different Pumps with or without powerlines are available up to 12L/min. flowrate. Persistalticpumps in different models and manufacturers as well as the right tubings are available. Gearpumps, Pistonpumps or Siringepumps for smalest flowrates are also available.

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Chilling / Heating / Tempering

Chillers, watherbath and heating mantles. Everything you need to get your process to the right temperature.

Please contact us to find the right fit for you.


Doesn't matter if you like to have a rotovap for smal voluminas or even better the big one for 20L. We are here to help you find the one of your needs. Just get in contact.

We will help you to find the right evaporator.


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Chilling / Freezing / INcubating

CO2-Inkcbators, Chillers or Freezers as a cupboard or even as a walk in chambre?
We offer solutions from climatic grow chambers to -196°C LN2 freezers.

Just use the "get in contact" link and we help you.