Laboratory furniture

Bring some color into your lab!

Cause of diffent choosable colors you have the posabillity to bring a corporate identity into your lab. Use the colors of your company logo or choose a color you like to make every workday better.

Create colorcoded groups or  carry out groups by color

We make it possible!

Laboratory furniture system

Setting new standards by doing things differently.

Customized laboratories.Specific design solutions.Adaptation to the work process.Consulting, design, delivery and installation. Repairs, processing and finishing. Choose between wood and metal equipment.

Standard colors

Although our furniture also comes in classic white colour, you mitht forget about it and rather choose from among twelve colours of decorative battens and handles.

Do you get tired of your funiture quickly?
Replace the handles and battens - with a minimal investment you will be delighted by furniture, looking as good as new.
Colour your lab anyway you please



There are three STANDARD colors for handles and decorative MDF, that you can choose from:



Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text


Ten OPTIONAL colors are available upon request:


You can use a variety of possible options to make your laboratory a unique and pleasant working environment.

Fume hoods

Fume hoods are a central part of each laboratory. They contribute significantly to the safety in the laboratory working environment.

All work with hazardous vaporous chemical substances is isolated in fume hood interior and fumes are safely exhausted. Development in laboratory furniture was significant in the past years and the criteria for safe handling of hazardous materials have been improved. As a consequence a fume hood, vital part of laboratory has been going trough many technical changes. Many of them were directly inflicted by the strict rules of European norms, especially EN 14175.

Our products fulfill all requirements of the European norms, even more, with dedication to improvement we managed to develop a fume hoods lines, that exceed the criteria of EN 14175.

Available additional equipment:

  • Motorized sash with IR sensor for automatic closure
  • VAV (variable airflow volume) system
  • Ex proof lighting
  • Electric and other media factory installed outlets upon request
  • Acid/Alkali underbench ventilated storage cabinets
  • Underbench safety cabinets for flammables
  • Polycarbonate sash
  • Exhaust air scrubber (for special purpose fume hoods)
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service spine systems

Service spine systems are representing the heart of your future laboratory. Therefore it is important that they are highly flexible and that a complete range covers present or future expectations when it comes to laboratory furniture. Modularity with constant upgrades is the key to mobility and flexibility that will help you adapt better to constantly changing trends.

Design of service modules guarantees isolation of installations on one side and a quick access to them on the other side. An independent service modules system offers you a variety of options when planning your laboratory furniture.

Service spine modular systems are divided it three main categories:

  • Wall bench service spine system
  • Island bench service spine system
  • Suspended service spine system


Storage solutions

Storage units present a vital part of each laboratory. Either you need space for storage of non-hazardous or hazardous materials, LAB INTERIOR line covers the complete range of products, that suit your needs.

Main storage units are divided into following main categories: underbench cabinets, wall and service spine mounted cabinets, tall cabinets, top mounted cabinets and special purpose cabinets.


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Underbench cabinets

Underbench units on plinth

Underbench units on plinth is standard and most frequently used system in laboratory. The most fixed of all systems is suitable for laboratories that face few and minor changes during their lifetime.

Underbench cabinets can be used to support worktops, without need to use C or H-type C frames, with exception of ceramic and epoxy tops, because of their weight.

Each underbench unit is fitted with leveling legs, closed with epoxy painted  aluminum pedestal.

Under underbench units there is a 180 mm of free space that makes floor cleaning process a lot easier.


Underbench units on castors

Underbench units on castors are fully mobile. Therefore configuration can be changed easily, according to your present needs. Each mobile unit is fitted with melamine or phenol-laminate top, with integrated handle mounted underneath for easier handling.

High quality castors with double running surface, ABS side discs and max load of 80 kg per wheel are standard equipment of each mobile unit. Two front castors are fitted with brake. Running material can be plastic or rubber, adapted to specific type of laboratory flooring.



Suspendet underbench units

Suspended system is applicable where there is no contact of underbench units with floor preffered. Each cabinet is mounted to a C-type or H-type frame. A sliding version is available upon request.

Under underbench units there is a 180 mm of free space that makes floor cleaning process a lot easier.

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